Slide Safety

1. Make sure your slide is CPSC Compliant

2. Slide Safety Rules

1. No roughhousing on or near the slide.

2. Only one person on the slide at a time.

3. Only go down the slide either sitting or feet first. To avoid injury NEVER go down the slide head-first. This can put you at risk for paralysis.

4. Make sure someone is supervising or a “buddy” is available when using the slide.

5. Be sure the slide’s exit path is clear of any other swimmers and items such as pool toys and floats.

6. Do not exceed the slide’s weight limit.

7. NO alcohol. Remember alcohol and swimming do not mix. It also applies to slides and diving boards.

3. Other Slide Safety Considerations; remember slides aren’t for everyone, so think safety.

1. If someone is a beginner swimmer, provide a life jacket for them to use while going down the slide.

2. Pre-existing injuries or health issues such as back problems or heart conditions

3. The elderly

4. People over the slide’s weight limit

5. Very small children

6. Pregnant women